Cyber Security Jobs: High Skills. High Demand. High Salary.

Cyber Security Jobs: High Skills. High Demand. High Salary.

It may not seem like it right now, but cyber security jobs will be hitting incredibly high demands in the future. With the speedy advancement of IT and computing technology, cyber attacks are only getting more sophisticated and harmful, and we will certainly need more security experts to protect the cyber space from these unpredictable threats. According to CSO online, the number of cyber crimes will triple the number of unfilled cyber security jobs in the future, predicted to reach 3.5 million by 2021. Sooner or later, all related jobs in the IT field will also be involved in cyber security force, protecting software, systems, devices, infrastructure and people from attacks. Billionaire Warren Buffet also mentioned that cyber attacks topped the list for being a risk to mankind, apparently even worse than nuclear weapons.

There are many available postings within the cyber security domain, from penetration testers to cyber security engineers, data analysts, information security officers and many more along with their subcategories. For example, Big Data specialists can be distributed into different positions, namely Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Database Manager and Big Data Engineer. Tackling these jobs require vast knowledge and experience, as well as superior skills. In return, these cyber security specialists are offered high salaries for their valuable efforts.

Knowing that cyber security jobs can be so remunerative but still lacking manpower, are you aspired to join us in the frontline in building a safe cyber space for everyone in the future?

Job Title

Median Salary

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


Security Director


Security Architect


Security Manager


Security Engineer


Malware Analyst


Security Consultant


Computer Forensics Expert


Security Specialist


Incident Responder


Table 1: Top 10 highest paying jobs in cyber security jobs (Bisson, 2018).

Cybertech Plt offers cyber security awareness and professional certification courses perfect for IT users and those who are interested in the field to acquire the essential cyber security knowledge and skills.

  • Certified Security-Aware User (CSU)
  • Certified Security-Aware Manager (CSM)
  • Certified Security-Aware IT Professional
  • Certified Security-Aware Software Developer
  • Certified Security-Aware CxO
  • Certified IoT Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Network Defense Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Web Defense Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Big Data Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Android Mobile Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Secure Developer (3 days)
  • Certified R Developer (3 days)
  • Certified IoT Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Business & Data Analytics Professional (4 days)
  • Certified Digital Forensics Professional (5 days)
  • Certified Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test Professional (5 days)

Our courses also serve as a human resource development program to train and cultivate more cyber security specialists to fill in cyber security jobs and postings which will be in great demand in the digitalized future.

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