Certified Cyber Security Courses

Certified Cyber Security Courses

With the speedy advancement of technology nowadays, it is only a matter of time for the world to move towards a brand new digital era. However, in the past few years, the rapid growth rate of cybercrime cases has become a major issue to people around the globe, notably in developed countries with more sophisticated technology. Data breaches, financial loss and system damages are the common consequences of cyber-attacks. According to a survey done by PWC, cybercrime was the second most reported crime globally in 2016, with ransomware ranking top in the list among other forms of malware.

Symantec, a world leading cyber security company once stated in a press release, “Hackers Hone their Skills While Consumers Remain Complacent”. Not many has yet to discover the importance of cyber security in the digitalized world, where our lives greatly relies on the internet, IT and computing technology. Thus, it is crucial for everyone to start equipping themselves with relevant cyber-related knowledge and skills now for a better future. Without the understanding of when and how we will be attacked, it is best to be aware of the threats we will face in the cyber environment and practise good cybersecurity habits before the catastrophe actually happens.

Cybertech Plt offers cyber security awareness and professional certification courses perfect for IT users and those who are interested in the field to acquire the essential cyber security knowledge and skills.

  • Certified Security-Aware User (CSU)
  • Certified Security-Aware Manager (CSM)
  • Certified Security-Aware IT Professional
  • Certified Security-Aware Software Developer
  • Certified Security-Aware CxO
  • Certified IoT Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Network Defense Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Web Defense Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Big Data Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Android Mobile Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Secure Developer (3 days)
  • Certified R Developer (3 days)
  • Certified IoT Security Professional (3 days)
  • Certified Business & Data Analytics Professional (4 days)
  • Certified Digital Forensics Professional (5 days)
  • Certified Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test Professional (5 days)

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