DecoWood – Better Than Timber

DecoWood – Better Than Timber

UCO DecoWood® is a wood-alike fibre cement board where the robustness and rustic appeal of timber combined with durability of fibre cement is inherent.  It is ideal for internal and external applications. UCO DecoWood® is recommended to be painted to achieve a long lasting natural timber look-alike finish.


Ideal for ceiling, feature wall, louvers, decking, staircase risers and threads, skirting/cornice and fencing.


  • Tough yet flexible, unlikely to wrap, crack or split when installed correctly.
  • Durable, resilient to weather conditions. It has high impact resistance.
  • Aesthetic woodgrain appeal adds beauty.
  • Dimensionally stable, minimal moisture movement.
  • Termite free, unlike timber product that susceptible to termite attacks.
  • Does not rust or corrode unlike metal and uv resistant, does not become brittle unlike wpc.
  • Versatile in application. Accept a variety of surface finishes and suitable for all paint coatings.
  • Fire resistant, does not burn and physical properties not degraded by exposure to temperatures ranging from 0°c to 105°c.
  • Water resistant, immune to permanent water damage, rot free.
  • Environment friendly, green product, 100% asbestos free, non-hazardous to health.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, cost effective.



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