Savoury Tom Yum Thai Seafood

Savoury Tom Yum Thai Seafood

If you are looking for a place to enjoy Tom Yum, Abg Man Tom Yam simply can’t be missed. It is located at nearby Emart Matang. The first thing you should try here is Tom Yum Thai,the signature dish at Abang Man Tom Yam Thai Seafood. Mouthwatering delicious for their tom yum is true. What’s so special about their tom yum?It has mildly spicy and sour, a great combination enjoying your delightful Thai cuisine. The special tom yum menu such as Coconut Tom Yum, Thai White Seafood Tom Yum, Thai Red Seafood Tom Yum and Clear Tom Yum Soup .Coconut Tom Yum gives you a unique taste where tom yum served in a coconut shell. Every tom yum has their own taste which would boost your appetite.

Moreover, the restaurant serves seafood and local cuisine with a wide variety menu like Penyet Chicken Rice, Chicken Rice,Beef Bones Soup,Toast (Roti Bakar), Mee Racun (Tomato Kuey Tiaw Sauce), seafood cuisine (fish, prawn, cuttlefish, clam) and more.

Not to mention they also serve some of peninsular Malaysia dishes. Have you tried their Soto Johor yet? They’re super delicious and loaded with shredded chicken. You don’t have to go Johor for a bowl of savory Soto Johor; this place will satisfy your craving. Come visit and have a delish food there.

The location nearby Emart Matang, Kuching . Click here for direction, Abg Man TomYam Thai Seafood Matang.

Address : No. 355, Lot 9735, Q309, Taman Lee Ling, 93050 Kuching. 

Follow and like their Facebook page : ABANGMANTOMYAMTHAISEAFOOD

Operation Hours: 7.30am – 10.30pm (Monday – Saturday) CLOSED on Sunday

For reservation or any inquiries, kindly contact 014-8904616/011-25137264

MEE RACUN ( tomato kuey tiaw sauce)

MEE RACUN ( tomato kuay teow sauce)


SOTO JOHOR (chicken broth mixed with spices + noodles/rice vermicelli/rice cakes)


BEEF BONE SOUP (malaysian version of bone broth)

IKAN PAIS (wrapped with banana leaves)

IKAN PAIS (wrapped with banana leaves)


LONTONG ( a compressed rice cake with coconut based soup)



SIDE DISHES (for lunch)

SIDE DISHES (for lunch)





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