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Semenggoh Nature Reserve | SarawakFocus
Semenggoh Nature Reserve

Semenggoh Nature Reserve

For over 20 years, the wardens here trained young orangutans, who had been orphaned or rescued from captivity, how to survive in the wild. The success of this programme has left the surrounding forest reserve with a thriving population of healthy adolescent and young adult orang utans, who are now breeding in the wild. The programme has been transferred to Matang Wildlife Centre, but Semenggoh is still home to its successful graduates, semi-wild orang utans and their babies. They spend most of their time roaming the forest but frequently come back to the Centre for a free meal. If it is the fruiting season in the forest, some or even all of them may not come to feed. This in itself is a good sign and another step on the way to full rehabilitation. The best time to visit Semenggoh is during the morning and afternoon feeding sessions when there is a good chance of seeing semi-wild orang utan returning to the Centre for a free meal. Feeding takes place between 9.00-10.00am and between 3.00-3.30 pm. Birding in Semenggoh Nature Reserve Highlight species ~ Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker, Bornean Black-magpie, Long-billed Partridge, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Red-naped Trogan, Scarlet-rumped Trogon, Rufous-backed Kingfisher, Rufous-collared Kingfisher, Banded Kingfisher, Red-crowned Barbet, Red-throated barbet, Malaysian Honeyguide, Rufous Piculet, Hooded Pitta, Banded broadbill, Green Broadbill, Blue-winged Leafbird, Asian paradise Flycatcher, Crested jay, Reddish Scops Owl, Brown Hawk Owl, Sunda Frogmouth & etc. th_a3fd0d6548d4e2998084be3b208dfa5c_4-mt_semengoh_1   th_a3fd0d6548d4e2998084be3b208dfa5c_main-index.proxy-5 Address: Semenggoh, Kuching Opening hour: 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs Further Information: SARAWAK FORESTRY Tel: +6092-610088 (General Line) 1-800-88-2526 (Toll Free Line) Fax: (+6) 082 610099 Website: www.sarawakforestry.com Email: sarawakforestry Bako National Park / Bako Terminal Tel: 6082 360933 For more information, please visit Sarawak Forestry Corporation official website.

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