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SHEDA Property Expo 2018 | SarawakFocus
SHEDA Property Expo 2018

SHEDA Property Expo 2018

The upcoming SHEDA Property Expo 2018 will be a grand event which puts all real estate and property developers, manufacturers, suppliers of construction materials, home and lifestyle furnishing, bankers and related parties right under the limelight.

Held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK), the expo will be a comprehensive and activity-filled 3-day event (6 – 8 July 2018), with the participation of 100 booths. Expo Organising Chairman, Gary Kho commented that the event will pose as an ideal platform for developers to promote their brand and market presence for current and future projects.

SHEDA Property Expo 2018 features an amazing array of attractive and quality projects, ranging from landed and strata residential properties to villas, commercial developments and resorts, both within and beyond Sarawak, and even reaching out to Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom.


SHEDA encourages all interested exhibitors to make their booking registrations early to secure your preferred location in view of the consistently good response from exhibitors from Peninsula and overseas.

To reserve a booth at the expo, contact the Sheda secretariat at 082-366334 (Ms Harea), fax to 082-365001, email expo@sheda.org.my. For further information, visit www.shedapropertyexpo.com

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