Digital Events

Comparison between Digital Events vs Physical Events


Digital Events

Physical Events


Cost on setting up the events platform

Venue, staff, costs associated to travel, food, hotel, facilities and entertainment.


International, boundary-less



Marketing content to the segments that get the best response and decide how to provide content

Content distribution is easier. Breakout session and multiple content options are held at the same time.


E-meet attendee online via video call, chat box

Face-to face communication, handshakes, eye-contact and happy hours

Data Collection

Could be automatically collected through platform system, can check onsite performance.

Need manual work for outsourcing technical support.

1. Budget

As compared to in-person events, Digital Events do not require a physical venue, nor do they require all that is associated with the venue in terms of a setup crew, F&B, valet, and much more – all that is required to run a successful event. This allows you to dedicate a smaller budget towards your expenses and make more room for profits.

2. Demography

Digital  events can be attended from anywhere and on any device and more feasible for international events because an online platform can support a large group of attendees and stay live 24/7 online. Virtual events are accessible by any electronic devices, therefore no matter where the attendee comes from, they can also join the event conveniently and maximizing your audience size.

3. Content

Studies show that 90 minutes is about the maximum amount of time someone can participate in a virtual event  without a break. Another key factor to consider when building your virtual agenda is whether to live stream all of your content and sessions. And to decide which content to pre-record, to play it either at a dedicated time with live Q&A in the chat room, or making it available strictly on-demand.

4. Engagement

Connect with hundreds or even thousands of people simultaneously, and interact with them via text, audio, or video features. While physical events might win the debate over personal interactions, virtual events maximize the number of those interactions and multiply the value derived from them, providing a successful alternative to participants.  

5. Data Collection

With a virtual events platform system, organisers are able to track and collect attendees’ data and provide extremely useful data insights that help to nurture hot leads. It can help organisers to monitor the onsite check-in performance, booth visits time and duration, and even export the chat record or video recording after the event. 

Go digital!

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Digital Events
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