What, Why, How, Where, Who, When to Digitalised?

The Question of What, Why, How, Where, Who, When to Digitalised?

Digitisation vs Digitalisation

Digitisation is the process of conversion of text, picture or sound into digital form that can be processed by a computer

Digitalisation is the process of leveraging digitisation. To improve business processes

Digital Transformation is the impact caused by the process Digitalisation

Why Digitalised ? 

Gain Competitive Advantage -by doing things better, faster and cheaper than competitor -It helps organisation to reduce cost, increase speed and give an international reach to your organisation. Benefits -ability to integrate the record systems -increase response time -take advantage of analytics (accessibility to control, change and retrieve information) Better execution of implementation program

How to Digitalised ? 

a proper Digitalisation plan can help your organisation to reinvent processes

Where to Digitalised ?

However many organisation ask this question “ Where do I begin my Digitalisation process? “ Management may consider to ask their in house IT Department to push for a digitalisation program but unless you have a full spectrum of it professional running your organisation (which is seldom for SMES or even large organisation and some government agencies) It is not efficient and cost effective to use this options, too much effoct & resources will have to be allocated to the IT department to create a robust enough platform to achieve the desired result which in fact these resources should be used for your primary role of revenue generation and busines activities. The question of maintenance is another concern. Most importantly is Cyber Security is another major concern as outsourching entities have 24 hours constant robust cyber security surveillance which is crucial for digital business model

Who to Digitalised ? 

With all the advantage of digitalisation, WHY are firms not digitalising?? One important reason could be the question about WHO usually in an organisation. The CIOS are incharge of the technologies that can provide competitive advantage or they are unable to communicate effectively. To present to management in ways they understand these changes and benefits. Without these understanding, decision makers will not understand the benefits in terms of efficiency and cost saving. Therefore management will view these recommendations as cost rather than benefit

When to Digitalised ? 

In todays world, you can see many organisation and even government in countries encouraging Digitalisation. Digitalisation is no longer an optional to an organisation but necessities, It’s the matter of time that the organisation have to make that choice and the sooner the better. For CIOS and CEOS, it is a time to understand this paradigm shift and should understand the fact that those do not change will be replace and their organisation disappear into redundancy. Organisations have to digitalised to not just for competitive advantages but to survive.

Therefore the question when to Digitalised is NOW ! 

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ME Info Media 3 September, 2020
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