Hock Peng: Building Dreams & Happiness

Owning a property especially a house, is a dream for most of us. However, property is not something that one can easily get hands on as the process of getting a right one involves many concerns. Such concerns include budget, location, the investment value and returns etc.

However, with the aid of government policy and the right approach, owning a property is not an unreachable goal too. Although some may said the recent economy downturn problem has stopped buyers from buying property for investment purpose, as the future is full of uncertainties. But with proper planning and cash flow management, experts reckon now is a golden time to buy a property.

Why say so? The low overnight policy rate answers all. So, now it is more about buyers’ preference, whether getting a commercial or residential property.

For most buyers, the developer of the property project is another major concern, as a reputable company would come out with a more promising end product, and such properties normally hold a stronger investment value. There is a "big" name in the local and even international investors' mind, when it comes to this concern, and it is no other than Hock Peng Organisation.

Hock Peng is a well established group of companies that have interests in the property development and construction since the 1980s. This multi award winning company has projects at different areas of Sarawak, for instance Betong, Bintulu, Kuching, Mukah, Samarahan and Sibu. The type of the projects developed by Hock Peng varies from landed housing, apartment, commercial centre and industrial park.

Practical yet modern design, low maintenance, sustainable and environmentally friendly, are the major considerations that are taken care by Hock Peng, before they start a new project’s construction. This gives buyers peace of mind, without having to worry too much about the maintenance and other unwanted issues.

Come back to the question of getting a right property, some said that commercial property holds better investment value, in comparison with residential property. However, everyone needs a place called home after a whole day of hectic work.

When buying a first house, younger generation seems to prefer high rise properties rather than landed properties nowadays, as strata-titled properties tend to be more affordable than the landed. Besides that, apartments and condominiums also offer better facilities and security which is quite a big advantage in comparison with most of the landed properties. However it doesn't mean that landed properties are not popular anymore, as landed properties do tend to have better appreciation potential and so terraced houses are still in huge demand for locals.  No matter what is your choice, Hock Peng has the right property and option for you, so do visit their website for more information.

November 11, 2020
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