Tom's Pizza
8 September, 2020 by

Tom's Pizza 

It doesn't matter where you are coming from, all that matters is you must have a goal and dream to persevere for, and the more you do and think, the better you will be getting in future.

Thomas Tong who runs a well known pizza's business, namely Tom's Pizza, walks the talk of the above sayings. He venturing into this business during his early 20s, and over these years he never stops learning and improving his skills and knowledge as a pizza chef.

Nothing great comes easily, before Thomas started on this business, he used to be a plumber. His success comes from a lot of hard work and he publicly revealed that the business was not doing really well in the very beginning.

That was mainly because, local people were not used to the authentic Italian thin crust pizza. But true blue will never stain, and the business received consistent growth after good reviews from customers. Beside of that, the power of social media sites like Facebook has also brought positive impact to the business, as the postings attract customers to try the pizza.

Thomas believes that, to build a successful business and career, one must have great understanding and knowledge about what he or she is doing. He is not only good in making pizza, but he could simply tells the stories and origins of the pizza that he is making too, just name it. Do you know, the iconic Margherita pizza got its name because it was loved by the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy? Go visit Thomas, and he will tell you the complete story.

On the other hand, Thomas pays attention to every detail in pizza making. For him, freshness is a key for making a delicious pizza, and to achieve that, he makes his own dough for the crust and he will not leave it for overnight. Other than that, he pointed out that, generous amount of cheese is important for topping as it will keep the ingredients together, and giving the pizza a moisture texture and flavorful taste.

Despite of his hectic business schedule, Thomas is also a committee member from Sarawak Entrepreneur Association and has been actively sharing his thoughts and experience in setting up business. He also understands the trend and importance of e commerce and has created his very own Facebook Fan Page, namely"Tom's Pizza/Old Lantern", to update the latest information and promotion about his business. This is not only very useful for the current young generation but such initiative also helps the business to reach out and attract more customers. Thomas has even started using Lyfe App as his e commerce platform, which should also be practised by all the traditional business owners, as it is essential for business to go online nowadays.

From plumber to pizza chef is a drastic change, in terms of career perspectives, and it requires strong and unbeatable determination and effort to pursue such an uneasy career goal. So, if Thomas can make it there, you can make it too.