Regenerative X Actively Embarks on Collaborative Visits with Environmental Bodies in Sarawak

Regenerative X Association is making significant strides in engaging with key environmental agencies in Sarawak to address environmental sustainability more effectively. The organization recently embarked on a series of productive discussions and courtesy visits aimed at fostering collaborative partnerships and furthering their mission toward a greener future.

Their first visit was to the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Sustainability (MEESty), where representatives from Regenerative X, together with YBhg Datin Esther Mujan Balan and Ts Bryan Paul, Council Member and Director for ESG Malaysia (Sarawak Region), met with YB Datuk Dr. Hazland Hipni, the Deputy Minister for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Sarawak. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce both organizations and explore potential collaborations. The discussions highlighted a shared commitment to sustainable practices and the importance of community awareness in driving climate action initiatives forward.

Continuing their efforts, Regenerative X also had a courtesy visit to the Natural Resources and Environment Board Sarawak (NREB). The organization had the pleasure of introducing themselves to Mdm. Penny anak Sumok, who leads the Environmental Education & Publicity Department, and her team at NREB. The visit served as a platform to not only acquaint NREB with the mission and vision of Regenerative X but also to explore potential avenues for collaborative initiatives. The exchange of insights and expertise laid the foundation for a potential partnership that could amplify the impact of both entities in their shared mission. Regenerative X also expressed their eagerness to contribute to NREB's initiatives and enhance collective efforts.

Regenerative X remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future. Through these productive discussions and courtesy visits, the organization is taking concrete steps toward the achievement of their goals in Sarawak. As Regenerative X expands its reach and network, they actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders who share their vision of a greener tomorrow.

By working together and leveraging their collective resources and expertise, Regenerative X aims to make a lasting and impactful contribution to addressing climate change and supporting sustainable practices in Sarawak.

December 18, 2023
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